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I don’t love cliches, but there is one that I (grudgingly) admit into my vocabulary and that is ‘mental health is a journey’. It’s kind of a kick in the teeth because we get set on a path at birth, in an environment where the storms of poverty, intergenerational trauma, powerlessness and deep fear of difference start to shape our lives. Along the way, we pick up all sorts of beliefs about ourselves, the world and our place in it. We are expected to go a certain way, to strive for certain things - and the load of expectation gets heavier…and heavier… yet somehow, we are still ‘not enough’. We begin to develop very creative workarounds from a very young age, learning what others need from us and becoming that. We’re also taught that this path is one best walked alone; you have to do it all on your own, asking for help or working together only happens when you break down. Before you know it, you’ve walked into a life that doesn’t feel like yours, into a world that was not built for you, and it fucking sucks.


So, into the woods again - this time to understand how you got here, take stock of the obstacles in your path, see who’s with you and build up your resources to start hacking your way forward to a new place. Or plant your way to a garden of goodness. Or follow the stream of consciousness….whatever it takes to deviate. 


‘Mental health journey’ sounds a little better put that way. Therapy is damn hard, but it’s made so much better with the right therapist/guide. Working with me is not about modifying behavior to achieve an outcome (have you tried just not?). It’s not about optimization and self-help (you can get that from a zillion books out there). Working with me is about relationship, and the meta process of reparative experience - I’ll help you find a way in to your inner world where you can start to build trust, compassion and healing with all the parts of yourself.


It takes a tremendous amount of energy to fight all the time, and the people who end up in my office need a place where they can stop fighting, and tend to the wounds. You’re tough. And brave. And probably really tired. Maybe a little traumatized from the shit that’s happened to you and honestly, the state of the world right now. Rebel Heart offers a place to be safely vulnerable, open, and honest – a place to embrace your full self and feel guided along the path of healing. Also, a place that feels nice to be in, with a tonne of books, fidget toys, plants, pride flags and pictures of Squidward (I have a strange obsession with Squidward don’t judge me).


I work with folks who are experiencing feelings of:

  • abandonment and relationship insecurity

  • isolation and disconnectedness

  • lack of self-trust

  • panic and panic attacks

  • perfectionism & self-criticism

  • stress & anxiety

  • adjusting to change/transitions

  • family rejection

  • recovering from emotional abuse or neglect

  • fragmented inner world

I can support you through:

  • breaking cycles and working to uncover and transform harmful personal, family and social patterns

  • building a better relationship with yourself and the people who are important to you

  •  feeling your feelings safely to stay with, and move through, painful memories, sensations, thoughts and beliefs


My Practice

My name is Shane Clark. I use they/them pronouns and I'm a queer, nonbinary clinical social worker in the Fredericton area. I am a mental health therapist and educator offering services in person and remotely in the province of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

My approach is built on systems thinking, relational practice, and recognizing patterns and schemas; viewing problems in context; taking a non-pathologizing approach to mental and physical health issues; and nurturing personal strengths and communal care. I promote transparency, choice, consent, and collaboration to create a compassionate safe space for counselling folks experiencing struggles.

Together, we can work to calm inner conflict and reduce suffering by honouring your lived experience and tapping into your innate strengths to live a value-driven life.

Holding Hands

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”

audre lorde


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104-181 Westmorland St Fredericton

Located on lower level of the building, down one short flight of stairs

Gender neutral washrooms in office

Mix of free and paid parking

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